Program Description

The Department of Actuarial Science organizes an undergraduate program on the application of mathematics, probability, and statistics, as well as economics and finance to solve actual problems in a business, especially those related to financial risks in the future. The curriculum system of the Binawan University Actuarial S1 Study Program refers to the syllabus of the PAI (Indonesian Actuaries Association) curriculum.


The actuarial science program consists of a regular program for high school graduates or equivalent. The study period is taken in 8 semesters (load 144 credits) and will get an academic degree in S.Atrtr (Actuarial Bachelor)

Future Career

  1. Actuarial Scientific Reviewer:
    Learn, develop, and study, and apply the basic theories of actuarial models.
  2. Actuarial Analyst in the Field of Insurance:
    Able to demonstrate a strong understanding of mathematics and apply analytical skills to life and general insurance.
  3. Financial Analysis and Business Consultant:
    Researching, analyzing, and being able to give input to business organizations in making decisions.
  4. Actuarial Training Workers:
    Able to provide training for actuary accreditation exams.


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