Program Description

Environmental Engineering at Binawan University organizes the undergraduate program. The graduates can overcome environmental problems in the community. The curriculum focuses on managing waste to energy and environmentally sustainable engineering.


This program consists of regular and transfer programs with a study period of 8 semesters and 145credits. Students have to come from high school, vocational or equivalent graduates in the field of science. Graduates of this program will obtain a Bachelor of Engineering (S.T) degree.

Future Career

Environmental Engineering students are prepared to become graduates who are internationally competitive by having at least 3 competency certifications and attending training in the environmental field.

  1. Waste to energy engineering planner:
    Plantation and agriculture, industry and company.
  2. Environmental infrastructure planner:
    Hospitals and government agencies.
  3. Reviewers and implementers of Environmental Engineering:
    Government agencies, BUMN and BUMD.
  4. Designing the environmental field:
    companies, industries, government agencies, BUMN and BUMD.
  5. Technopreneur in Environment field:
    Environmental consultant and entrepreneur


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