Program Description

This program organizes undergraduate education with accreditation B that can work by developing various learning strategies namely discussion, demonstration, self-directed learning, project-based learning, and laboratory-based learning to produce graduates Professional Nutrition Bachelor with national standard and international competitiveness.


The Department of Nutrition holds a Regular program with the qualifications of prospective students coming from high school / vocational / graduates and the study period is taken in 8 semesters (load 146 credits).

The transfer program with the qualifications of prospective students from D3 Nutrition graduates, the study period is taken in 4 semesters (load 66 credits). Graduates will get an academic degree Bachelor of Nutrition "Level 6" KKNI (S.Gz). Competencies to be achieved by the Binawan University Nutrition Study Program include Community Nutrition, Dietetics, and Entrepreneurship.

Future Career

  1. Implementation of Community Nutrition Care (Educator, Counselor, and Extension), Dietetics and Sports / Fitness that can work in various Government Agencies (Health Office, Hospitals, Puskesmas) and Sports (Fitness Center
  2. Research Researchers in the Field of Nutrition, Health, and Food such as research institutions, surveyors at the Healthy Archipelago activities of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, National Health Research, and others.
  3. Entrepreneurship such as organizing institutional food, catering, and the like.


Mia Srimiati, S.Gz., M.Si (Head of Program)
Meylina Djafar, MCN., MBA
Isti Istianah, S.Gz., MKM
Gusti Kumala Dewi, SKM., MARS
Adhila Fayasari, S.Gz., MPH
Septiani, S.Pt., M.PKim
Tri Ardianti Khasanah, S.Gz., M.Gizi


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