Program Description

The Department of Pharmacy is an undergraduate program that highly committed to producing pharmacy scholars who are competitive and experts in their fields.

The development of this program produces professional pharmaceutical personnel in the field of medicine development from natural ingredients and synthesis.


Reguler Program :
Regular Programs: this program accepts high school / vocational graduates or equivalent in the sciences studies and Diploma of Pharmacy and Analyst graduates. The study period is taken in 8 semesters (load 146 credits)

Lecture Schedule:
the class are held from Monday to Friday (Regular Program

The degree to be obtained is S.Farm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) & can continue to the Pharmacist Professional level and receive a certificate of competency.

Future Career

Pharmacy graduates are globally competitive & are expected to work on:

  1. Pharmapreneur :
    Being an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical field with the opportunity to hire the community.
  2. Pharmaceutical Services:
    Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, and Health Centers.
  3. Pharmaceutical Workers:
    Pharmaceutical Industry, Traditional Medicine Industry, the vaccine industry, Raw Material Industry & Distribution Facilities.
  4. Government Instant:
    Ministry of Health, Drug and Food Control Agency, National Narcotics Agency, LIPI, Family Planning Coordinating Board, etc.
  5. Research:
    As a researcher in the private sector and government agencies.


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