Program Description

The Social Welfare program is directed at generalist social work which provides an integrated and multilevel approach (micro and macro). Social welfare develops the frameworks and methodologies that can be utilized to improve the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities.


This program is a regular program with a study period of 8 semesters and the graduates will obtain a Bachelor of Social (S.Sos). The Department of Social Welfare is open for high school / vocational or equivalent graduates

Future Career

Graduate of Social Welfare of Binawan University can generally pursue a career in :

  1. Government and non-governmental services institutions such as NGOs.
  2. Work in the institution/organization of community development
  3. Become a researcher and lecturer in the field of social welfare.
  4. Advocacy and social policy planning.


Hastin Trustisari, A.KS, M,Si
Mari Esterilita, S.Tr.Sos, Sp.P.S.A
Uut Hanafi, SST, Sp.P.S.B
Akbar Prayuda, SST, MSW
Rianda Abdi, SST, MA
Dewi Kartika,M.Kesos
Raden Dika Permatadiraja, S.Tr.Sos, Sp.P.S.B
Beby Isti,


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